Volunteer with Providence Ministries, Inc.

Providence Ministries thanks you and your organization for your interest in donating your time and talents, and becoming a volunteer with our ministry.

Volunteering Has Its Rewards

People are sometimes surprised to learn about all of the hidden benefits volunteering avails. Feelings such appreciation, humility, pride, and the satisfaction of overcoming challenges met during the volunteering process are the unsung rewards of volunteering.

There are More Ways to Volunteer than Most People Realize

Many are surprised to learn of all the many different volunteering opportunities we have here at Providence Ministries. Here are some ways that others have made an impact:

  • Individuals Share a Motivational and Inspirational Story or Testimony
  • Culinary Lovers & Restaurateurs Prepare a Meal during One of Our Daily Meals (About 170 Plates for Any Given Meal)
  • Barbers & Hairdressers Donate Haircuts (Students Welcome)
  • Christian Musical Groups Perform in Any of Our Services (All Talent Levels Welcome)
  • GED Tutors
  • Mechanics or Technical Schools Help Fix up Cars
  • Professionals or Teachers Perform Resume-Writing Workshops or Teach Interviewing Skills

Aside from serving food and joining us to give away gifts, we also welcome financial and life skills advisers and Christian public speakers.

Please fill out the Volunteer Form below, and be sure to share about what you'd like to volunteer to do.

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