Providence Ministries Homeless Men's Shelter

“Homelessness is No Respecter of Persons”

We Offer Refuge For Those Weathering the Storm

“Hunger and homelessness are at record levels in US cities… At a time of historic economic crisis, the issues of hunger and homelessness in America are more prevalent than ever. Cities are hard-pressed to handle them, and planned budget cuts and revenue shortfalls will strap them well into the future…”2009 report on Hunger and Homelessness in US Cities at US Conference of Mayors. To help us in our fight, please donate to Providence Ministries homeless shelter today.

Men's Homeless Shelter Photo

On the Forefronts of the Homeless Epidemic in Georgia and Tennessee

​Providence Ministries homeless shelter is on the forefronts of the fight against the homelessness epidemic in Georgia. We believe that every man deserves dignity and refuge as they attempt to put their lives back together. The homeless situation is a tragic one. It is often a result of the all to common occurrence of people losing both their homes and their jobs at the same time, and is not a reflection of character but rather the result of ill-timed and unfortunate circumstances. We know that the homeless condition can happen to anyone.

Our Homelessness Related Goals​

Our goal is to give homeless men an opportunity to turn it all around through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. Every man living in the homeless shelter is required to meet daily with staff, remain clean from drugs and alcohol, give back by working in the Thrift Store for a few hours a day, and look for work.

Their contributions to the ministry not only help the daily operations, but more importantly instill a confidence that comes from working and interacting within a professional atmosphere.

We have been blessed to see that with hard work, prayer and guidance, these men find a new peace and purpose… and men that are actively seeking to better themselves are welcomed to stay as long as it takes, but there is a significant cost to housing and feeding so many, and if you want to be a part of this important mission…