Men's Transitional Living Program at Providence Ministries, Inc.

Don't Go Away, Grow Away!

We Help Our Graduates Transition Back Into Daily Living with God at the Forefront

Completing the phase one recovery program at Providence Ministries is an awesome achievement and one that we hold in the highest regard. But the truth of the matter is that it’s only the beginning. We have learned through experience that if a recovering addict is to truly learn the practical living skills and boldness they will need in order to continue living in Christ and recovery, that they’re going to need a helping hand reintegrating back into the world in a sustainable and safe way.

That’s why we give all of our graduates the opportunity to “grow away” by inviting them to become a part of our nationally sought transitional living program. What makes our transition program different from others is that we put God at the forefront of our daily living, relapse prevention, and recovery step work. Also, since so many of our graduates do decide to become a part of this optional program, there is a naturally occurring camaraderie and progression as our graduates achieve greater recovery and accomplishments.

Transitional Living Program Features & Benefits

  • We offer continued Biblical education and growth, as well as emotions related processing groups and relapse prevention training.
  • Provide the opportunity to outreach and volunteer in our local Christian initiatives, and offer college courses w/ Tennessee Temple University.
  • Have a great staff that includes a chaplain, a reverend, counselors, and a chef, as well as a multitude of guest speakers and local volunteers.
  • Offer free breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnics, BBQ’s, and fellowship opportunities.
  • Make available a computer lab with internet for job search or school & college work.
  • An accountability group from day one.
Benefits of Men's Transition Program by Providence Ministries

How Our Transitional Living Community Promotes Relapse Prevention

Though the particular reasons relapse occurs differs by individual, from a broader view, it’s been found that the majority of people relapse as a result of lacking family support, not finding employment, going back to old friends and places, not knowing healthy ways of handling stress and pain, lacking motivation, feeling lonely, or leaving treatment before they’re physically, chemically and emotionally ready.

The transitional living program of Providence Ministries in Georgia essentially addresses all these common causes of relapse in one broad stroke. We require our residents to search out sponsors, attend twelve step meetings, go to church services, participate in peer-groups, participate in counselor-lead meetings, attain employment, pay their living bills, and most vital, learn how to sustain and enjoy a life free from the horror, pain, and prison of addiction.