Testimonials for Providence Ministries, Inc.

Here you may read what members of the Dalton, GA community have to say about Providence Ministries philanthropic efforts.



“I love Providence Ministries! From the thrift stores to the homeless shelters and rehab programs. For a short time in my life I was able to work with Providence and watched countless women overcome their addictions. The income from the thrift stores goes to help those who are in need. They feed and clothe the homeless, and never turn away anyone who is in need. The gospel is in full affect in that ministry. The out pouring love from them is something I will never forget! God bless Providence Ministries!”

Dannielle Saenz


“This is an awesome ministry that the Lord has built. From having a pregnancy center and a men’s shelter to having thrift stores, women’s home, and drug/alcohol rehab. They provide food for many people that otherwise would go without. Thank you for all they you do for the community.”

Stacey Johnson Howeth


“I love the way y’all help the homeless and I’ve helped over there around Thanksgiving a couple of times and I’ll tell you it was something I will never forget and I hope that my husband and kids will get to do one day. So I know you may not hear it a lot but thanks for helping the homeless and being there for them may God bless y’all.”

Kimberly Davis