Freshly Prepared Free Meals

"Enjoy a Hot Fresh Meal From the Bread of Life Community Kitchen Today"

Providence Ministries Bread of Life Community Kitchen imageProvidence Ministries is fighting hunger in Georgia by serving fresh and hot meals prepared daily, and offering them for free to anyone who wants one, no questions asked... no one will be denied. Our community kitchen is open 365 days a year and serves 60-200 plates for any given meal. Also, we very often redistribute any extra unprepared donated food to our guests immediately following the serving of food (limit one small bag per family). Please take advantage of these offers as it's our pleasure to serve the community in this very important endeavor, and we hate throwing away excess food.

DON'T GO HUNGRY! Below is a time schedule of all of our meals. We hope to see you soon in the "Bread of Life Community Kitchen", and if you or your organization is looking to volunteer your time serving food in the kitchen or any other way, click "I want to volunteer for Providence Ministries."

About Hunger in America and in Georgia

Many Americans don't really understand the depths of the hunger crisis in the United States. In 2011, Coleman-Jensen released a report stating that 14.5% of Americans faced a food insecurity at some point during calendar year 2010. A "food insecurity" means that at some point during the year, a person did not have access to food.

In Georgia, the statistics are even worse. Non-profit group "Feeding America", released a child food insecurity study in August of 2011 that stated 27.9% of Georgian children were in a home where there was a food insecurity during calendar year 2010... nearly double the national statistics.

An even more staggering statistic is that 1.7 million Georgians, or 17.9% of the Georgia population, are living in poverty, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau American Community survey.

Overall what this means is that one in six Americans struggles with a food insecurity at some point during any given year. This equals 48 million Americans which is an astounding number given the amount of food our country produces as a whole, not to mention imports from other countries.

Providence Ministries has taken up this cause because it is extremely important that people have a regular nutritious meal, especially during these hard economic times in which many people find themselves rebuilding their lives and our country. Further, the effects of malnutrition and starvation have a negative domino effect on the population as a whole, which can be felt socially, medically, and spiritually.

For those of you that have already joined us in this fight against hunger, we ardently say thank you!

If your restaurant, grocery store, or department store would like to make a food donation and receive a tax receipt as opposed to just throwing away your unsellable food, please contact us at (706)275-0268.