About Addiction and Recovery

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About Addiction and Recovery

You May Not Be Aware… But Addiction is also a Spiritual Sickness.

Drug addiction is a chronic and overpowering compulsion to satisfy cravings in the brain through the repeated use and abuse of a substance, no matter how terrible the cost. This devastating condition involves compulsive use, the craving and seeking of drugs, withdrawal in the absence of drugs, and extremely dysfunctional and self-defeating behavior. It is a "soul bender", warping a person's being at the deepest and most intimate level, and has the nasty tendency to steal joy, destroy whole families, and even kill. And sadly, it can never be completely cured, but by a power greater than our own, it can be arrested, thus creating the very real possibility of a life redeemed; with meaning and passion.

Many argue that since taking drugs is undeniably a choice that it cannot be a disease. While that argument seems valid, it is indeed an incorrect one. There are many diseases that are caused by bad choices or a series of mishaps, and the truth that their root began in the realm of choice does not change the fact that the person suffering from the ailment cannot simply choose to be suddenly cured.

Even more, modern brain scanning technology known as PET and SPECT scans have proven that even with short binges, a type of "brain damage" occurs in which the user loses his ability to choose to stop. In the wake is born a new physical and psychological dependence that illustrates the true complexity of addiction.

Spiritually, the prolonged use of drugs is devastating. Some people never make it back instead choosing to give in to their addiction even to the hollow ends of death or suicide. Emotional peace and joy become distant memories as the lonely, demented, and frightening existence of active addiction is experienced as an ever-tightening noose. Guilt and shame become like gasoline to the fire as the pit widens making escape seem impossible.

Addiction is faceless in that it has no regard for how good or bad a person is, what social class they belong to, or how strong they think their willpower is. Its tentacles extend from the addict to everyone who loves them, and most worrisome, it creates a rift between the addict and God thus opening a door for evil to influence the addict into yielding to crime and deviance, high risk sex, and other activities indicative of those dead inside, dehumanized, and utterly demoralized.

God doesn't want you, your loved one, or anyone to live and suffer like this, and thankfully, there is another way. Imagine the unbelievable gratitude a person on death row would feel if moments before their death, they were somehow given the supernatural ability to go back and undue their mistakes and crimes. That's what Christ led addiction recovery is… a second chance to experience true joy instead of tears, important family events and celebrations instead of court dates, being an inspiration rather than being made an example of.

God has a unique ability to restore people and use them to glorify Him, and He is the ultimate provider of hope and healing. His word says, "They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death." Revelation 12:11. You matter, your story matters, and God dearly loves you and want's you to heal. That's why you have found us and are reading this now.

If you are ready to start the healing process and are seeking to become a resident in the men's addiction recovery program at Providence Ministries, click the button below.