Mens Christian Addiction Recovery

"How Will You Enjoy Your New Life Free From the Relentless Grip of Addiction?"

freedom from addiction mens addiction drug alchohol recovery treatment rehab imageThe Providence Ministries Christian Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program for men has been redeeming lives and saving souls in the name of Jesus Christ, since 1985. Our time-tested, long-term 6 month faith based rehab alternative to traditional drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment has helped people from all across the nation, is extremely value packed, and extremely effective.

Our Program Goals for Participants Are:

  • Spiritual Regeneration or Renewal
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Physical and Social Rehabilitation
  • Understanding Accountability
  • Become a Productive Member of Society
  • Character Building

What sets us apart from other programs is that we unapologetically put God first. As a result, the majority of the sponsorship cost for our program is subsidized by Providence Ministries thrift stores along with the charitable contributions of our donors (if you'd like to help us in this fight, click donate now). This allows us to offer you 6 months of "Christ first", residential recovery for $3,000. That's about $115.00 a week. Recovery is not a by-product of high cost and should not be just a luxury of the rich. Rather, it is a gift from God, available to anyone who has a deep desire to heal, die to their old life, and surrender to the high calling Christ lovingly has for them.

mens addiction drug alcohol recovery treatment rehab image

We have an established working relationship with the various court systems' alternative sentencing programs, and are approved to help you in this capacity. Also, upon graduating, all graduates are offered the opportunity of enrolling into our highly beneficial transitional living program, which attracts applicants from all across the nation and gives people the means to reintegrate back into society in a safe and productive manner.

The goal of our recovery program is not just sobriety, but rather the complete transformation of the recovering addict into the man God always intended for him to be. Our program is part of a very large family of missions, and because of this, we offer many benefits and resources other programs simply don't have, including:

  • Church Services
  • Work Therapy in a Safe Environment
  • Regularly Scheduled Inspirational Speakers
  • Transitional Living Program w/ College Courses Available
  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Musicians
  • Certified Addiction Professionals
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • 12 Step Work & 12 Step Meetings
  • Free Meals Daily

...All right here within the facility.

We understand firsthand the true nature of addiction, not only as addiction professionals, but also because many of our staff members have struggled with and overcome addiction in their own lives. We therefore naturally have an enormous amount of compassion for addicts, and a high degree of knowledge on how to care for them as well. We know that addiction can affect literally anyone from any walk.

You have not found our site by chance, and by reading these words, you have already taken the first big step in finding freedom from the bonds of addiction... now it's time to take the second. If you're ready to become a resident in the men's addiction recovery program at Providence Ministries, click I'm Ready to Find Freedom From Addiction.