History of Providence Ministries

providence ministries building full length

In the year 1978, Providence Ministries Founder and CEO Roy Johnson came to understand that forgiveness, love, and peace had eluded him despite his many "successes" by worldly standards. He soon learned that he was filling a hole with money and alcohol that only God could fill, and once he grasped this truth, he was so inspired that his life journey would forever be changed. He soon found himself on the frontlines of ministry and mission work, and 2 years later, in 1985, Providence Ministries Inc. was born.

Since then, Providence Ministries has played a pivotal role in helping improve the conditions of those struggling with spiritual, social, and economic woes within the Dalton Georgia community and surrounding areas. Our efforts have included a women's pregnancy facility that during its existence helped over 25,000 clients, multiple boys homes reflecting our affinity for children, and has expanded to include addiction recovery programs for men and women in Georgia and Tennessee. We also feed and shelter homeless men, women, and children 365 days a year.

In our never ending quest to spread God's message of hope, we are contiunally evolving. Our newest exciting project has been the opening of a Christian women's addiction center in Rocky Face Georgia, which opened in February of 2012. Also in the works is a food panty to help alleviate the ever growing hunger epidemic, and a new larger mens shelter in order to handle the growing homeless epidemic.

Below are a sample of the many articles Providence Ministries has been blessed to be featured in. We have included these in order to help illustrate the role we're playing in the community, and to illustrate our need for volunteers and donations.

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